There is a town in the world where once every year almost 6000 people are waking up with only one desire: hike seven mountains before the day is over. The name of this town? Bergen.

I was one of those crazy people who managed to finish the so-called “7-fjellsturen“. My equipment was just a backpack with beverages and food, a rain jacket, and a camera. But what I needed the most was a lot of motivation and adrenaline.

I started at 9:00 and finished at 23:00, walking for about 35 km and going up for about 2400 m in total.

7-fjellsturen map

I am exhausted, stiff, and aching, but it was worth doing it. The weather was perfect, with clear sky and mild temperature. I have never enjoyed the nature that much, and at the end of the day, I felt part of it. Now I am left with a diploma, an exclusive t-shirt, and a lot of good memories…

I want to thank Synnøve, for being the best company I could desire for this trip, and Francesca, for giving me a chocolate bar when I needed sugars the most.


  1. Its a beautiful trip. I will enjoy it tomorrow =)

  2. Fabiano Ricci

    10 July 2008 at 17:09

    O thats so good!

    Are you becoming mad like me few years ago? Good boy :d… This is a very exciting experience… I’m envying you!

    Bella Alessà 🙂 sono queste le cose più belle della vita! Oltre che nerd stai diventando anche un podista scalatore 😀

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