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The big 3-0

Yesterday the universe had plenty of happenings: a winter solstice, a total lunar eclipse, the darkest night in 400 years, and, last but not least, the last day of my twenties. Yes, it had to happen: I turned 30 today. “What is important is to be young at heart”, some might say… Bullshit! I honestly hate this big 3-0 and all the social expectations that it implies. Anyway, entering a new decade always triggers some self-reflection. I have looked back at the last ten years of my life, and, inspired by the novel Caos calmo, I have written down some of the things I have done during these years:

Countries visited

United Kingdom

Mountains climbed

Fløyen (400m)
Ulriken (640m)
Rundemanen (560m)
Sandviksfjellet (417m)
Lyderhorn (396m)
Damsgårdsfjellet (350m)
Løvstakken (477m)
Corno grande (2912m)
Preikestolen (604m)
Kjerag (1110m)

Airlines taken

Estonian Air

Laptops owned

Sony Vaio PCG-FX801
Toshiba Satellite A100-703
ASUS Eee PC 1101HA
Dell Latitude E6500

Mobiles owned

Nokia 5110
Nokia 6110
Nokia 7110
SonyEriccsson Z1010
Siemens MT50
Siemens C55
SonyEricsson K610i
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Camera owned

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P72
Canon EOS 350D
Olympus μ 1030 SW

Cars owned

Škoda Fabia 1.9TDI (2001 ed.)

Motorcycles owned

Yamaha FZR600 (1994 ed.)

There are many other things I could write down. All in all, I have been lucky to have had so many opportunities. I am curious to see how these lists will look like in ten years time…

7-fjellsturen 2010

For the third time, I took the so-called “7-fjellsturen”, the hike of the seven mountains of Bergen in one day. I am proud to say that I made in 10 hours and 40 minutes, 2 hours and 28 minutes less than my previous result.

Checkpoint 2008 2009 2010
Start 7-fjell (Gravdal ved Nutec) 8:47 00:00 8:28 00:00 8:55 00:00
Lyderhorn 10:14 01:27 10:06 01:38 9:45 00:50
Damsgårdsfjell 11:51 03:04 11:52 03:24 11:10 02:15
Løvstakken 13:40 04:53 13:37 05:09 12:41 03:46
Start 4-fjell (Årstad) 15:00 06:13 14:36 06:08 13:37 04:42
Ulriken 16:43 07:56 16:39 08:11 15:23 06:28
Fløyen 19:05 10:18 19:21 10:53 17:21 08:26
Rundemanen 20:27 11:40 20:07 11:39 18:24 09:29
Sandviksfjellet 20:56 12:09 20:48 12:20 18:51 09:56
Mål (Marken) 22:27 13:40 21:36 13:08 19:35 10:40

The hike was too long even for Sports Tracker, which crashed after 8 hours. This means that I only have incomplete and maybe corrupted data of my hike. 🙁 The developers of this app will for sure hear from me… 🙂

Special thanks to Synnøve, who shared with me all the editions. Without her, I would have never managed this result. 😉

Update 6 June

It looks like the Sports Tracker data of my hike is not corrupted. It is only incomplete since I started the tracking again half-hour after Sports Tracker crashed. 🙂


7-fjellsturen 2010 Sports Tracker screenshot 1

7-fjellsturen 2010 Sports Tracker screenshot 2

7-fjellsturen 2010 Google Earth screenshot

7-fjellsturen 2009

Yes, I did it again. The seven mountains of Bergen in one day, 13 hours and 8 minutes to be precise. Despite the rain, I spent 36 minutes less than my first time.

Checkpoint 2008 2009
Start 7-fjell (Gravdal ved Nutec) 8:47 8:28
Lyderhorn 10:14 10:06
Damsgårdsfjell 11:51 11:52
Løvstakken 13:40 13:37
Start 4-fjell (Årstad) 15:00 14:36
Ulriken 16:43 16:39
Fløyen 19:05 19:21
Rundemanen 20:27 20:07
Sandviksfjellet 20:56 20:48
Mål (Marken) 22:27 21:36

Special thanks go to “min kjære” Synnøve, who shared with me in both editions, plus Antonio and Mikal who joined us this year.


There is a town in the world where once every year almost 6000 people are waking up with only one desire: hike seven mountains before the day is over. The name of this town? Bergen.

I was one of those crazy people who managed to finish the so-called “7-fjellsturen“. My equipment was just a backpack with beverages and food, a rain jacket, and a camera. But what I needed the most was a lot of motivation and adrenaline.

I started at 9:00 and finished at 23:00, walking for about 35 km and going up for about 2400 m in total.

7-fjellsturen map

I am exhausted, stiff, and aching, but it was worth doing it. The weather was perfect, with clear sky and mild temperature. I have never enjoyed the nature that much, and at the end of the day, I felt part of it. Now I am left with a diploma, an exclusive t-shirt, and a lot of good memories…

I want to thank Synnøve, for being the best company I could desire for this trip, and Francesca, for giving me a chocolate bar when I needed sugars the most.

Tribute to Škoda Fabia

Škoda Fabia

Yesterday I drove a car after again after several months, and I understood how much I miss driving and especially driving my first and only car. It was a Škoda Fabia 1.9TDI silver colour, bought in 2001 and sold in Christmas’ Eve 2007 because of my move to Norway.

I had to do it a long time ago: this is my tribute to the car that drove me all over Italy and Europe, giving me a lot of satisfactions and not showing a single problem despite my GT drive style. 🙂

Goodbye, my dear Fabia…