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Why I stopped using Facebook

A few of you noticed that I disappeared from Facebook, and asked me if everything is fine with me. Let me start by reassuring that everything is fine with my loved ones and me, both in Norway and Italy. That said, the reason why I deleted my Facebook account is that I cannot stand the disinformation and divisiveness on my feed anymore.

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Three actions to achieve digital workplaces in the new normal

A digital workplace requires a comprehensive approach to delivering a consumer-oriented IT environment, where the technology is continuously improved, and the workforce is frequently upskilled.

This approach is ambitious, and is going to cost—but it may be the most forward-looking investment you can make in the Covid-19 crisis.

I wrote an article (in English and Norwegian) on the PwC website, were I suggest three actions to achieve digital workplaces in the new normal. Your feedback is welcome!

A shorter version of this article was published in Norwegian in Teknisk Ukeblad on May 2020.