We can put an end to month-day-year dates

What is today’s date? If you answered this question with July 16, 2020 (read July the sixteenth, two thousand and twenty), you should go on reading.

The day-month-year date format (e.g., 16 July 2020) is officially adopted by the vast majority of the world’s countries.

The year-month-day date format (e.g., 2020-07-16) is officially adopted by China, Japan, Korea, and Iran, and is also the date format of the ISO 8601 standard.

The month-day-year date format (e.g., July 16, 2020) is officially adopted by the USA only (although contamination of this format can be found in a few other countries). Like most standards adopted in the USA, the month-day-year date format is bizarre at best, as shown in the following illustration:

Visual comparison of date formats

Yet, nowadays…

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Dialect debate strikes a nerve in Norway

Finally, a researcher from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology described how many problems Norwegian dialects can cause to foreigners willing to integrate.

Read the full article (in Norwegian) here.

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