Alessandro Rossini

My name is Alessandro Rossini, and I am a senior information technology advisor and researcher. I was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, on the winter solstice of 1980, and raised in Tortoreto, a little town on the Adriatic coast of Italy. I had my education between L’Aquila, a medieval town surrounded by the Apennine mountains, and Bergen, the gateway to the fjords of Norway (as the Bergen Tourist Board likes to call it). Currently, I live in Oslo, where I work as a senior advisor at EVRY Cloud Services, one of the largest information technology companies in Scandinavia.

This blog is about my life, so you will find random thoughts about science, technology, languages, linguistics, communication, social networks, politics, travelling, photography, food, wine, music, comedy, running, hiking, etc.

If you are looking for information about my professional activity, you can consult my curriculum vitæ.